Monday, 21 October 2013

Mitsubishi Electric indoors in Mexico

MEXICO: Mitsubishi Electric is to commence production of indoor units of commercial air conditioners for the North American market at its wholly owned subsidiary company, PIMS, SA, located in Baja California, Mexico.

This is the latest move by Mitsubishi Electric to expand its air-conditioning business in North America through what the company describes as “a locally integrated framework for development, production and sales”.

PIMS SA in Baja California
In April, the Japanese air conditioning and heat pump manufacturer announced the opening of a new hq office building for it US subsidiary on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. The $30m facility houses sales and administrative offices, an engineering centre to develop and test products for US customers, training facilities and warehouse.

Mitsubishi Electric began selling split systems in 1982 and now claims to be America's No 1 selling brand.

PIMS is headed by Minoru Ogawa and has approximately 60 employees.

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